So Ready

I’m now at the “I’m VERY ready” point of pregnancy.  Every morning when I wake up still pregnant it’s like waking up and realizing Santa Claus hasn’t passed.  It’s a bummer.  

I haven’t gotten many “anything yet?” text messages from friends.  (I guess they read the blog after all?  Either that or they don’t care. Ha!)  The few I have received have come with the “I know this is annoying, but I gotta know” disclaimer, and for some reason, that actually makes it not annoying.  My mom texts me everyday with “How are you?”.  I know this REALLY means “are you in labor?”.  

I’m starting to get irrational.  I look back at pictures a few days before Elaina was born and I was really, really swollen.  So, I’ve been taking selfies and examining them to see if I’m swollen (because the naked eye lies to you– self preservation).  I’m not swollen.  In my irrational brain this means I will be pregnant until July. 

Dane isn’t low.  He’s hanging out high and he seems content.  I’m 2cm dilated and about 70% effaced.  This means nothing (I know), but I like to pretend like it does so I don’t go completely insane.  

I’m in that annoying just-waiting period where there’s nothing left to prep or do.  Nothing left to buy.  Nothing left to wait for.  Except the baby.  It’s driving me bananas.  I’m ready to meet this little boy.  I’m ready to see if he has his sister’s where-did-this-come-from hair or if he’ll come out with black hair.  I’m ready to see if he’ll be petite like his 6lbs 1oz sister was.  I’m ready to tackle labor drug free.  I’m ready to go through the challenge!! I’m ready to bring him home and nurse him and love on him and introduce him to his sister.  I’m even ready for the hard parts.  I’m READY!  

I had a dream way back that he was born on the 23rd.  That would be a really nice early birthday present.  I’m ready, Dane. This week sometime, please.




1 thought on “So Ready”

  1. Well the 23rd has come and gone and I'm guessing he isn't here yet. I thought about you tonight while watching the what to expect movie and was like “I need to make sure if Diana is still pregnant!” I know its weird and semi-stalkerish but I am very excited for you and I know you will do so great!


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