Yes, "This is Us". Yes!

Have you seen “This Is Us“? Girl, you need to! It’s good–really good. 

I saw a commercial for the show a while back. In the teaser Mandy Moore is pregnant. She looks real pregnant (and not Hollywood pregnant). She looks like she’s hot (like, sweating) and she can’t fit into her cute lingerie. (Lingerie she probably got at her wedding shower and has never put on a day in her life because she’s tired, but she keeps it in case one day she morphs into a lingerie wearing lady.) Real life alert! All of that sold my “A Walk to Remember” little heart. I happened to be sleeping at a friend’s house that night (which sounds very middle school, but I’ll explain this in a later post at some point) when it came on. I was lucky to be at this friend’s house because we got rid of cable to help Dane (again, later post) and I haven’t been watching much TV these days.

The dude who plays Mandy Moore’s husband is really handsome and he has a beard and there’s a woman who is very overweight and there’s a black family, so, naturally I was already a fan. I was surprised how (relatively) wholesome the show was, too. There’s a bit of a hint of promiscuity at the very beginning, but nothing overly yuck. There’s a mention of past drug abuse, but you can see the negative effect that’s had on the character’s life. All seemed pretty good.

There’s no weird sci-fi secret effect. No one is a person from another planet, and yet it’s enough. It’s about life. And we all know that life is definitely enough to make good tv! This is different than those separate (yet intertwining) movies we’ve seen too much of (think: “Valentine’s Day“). This is real.

I’m tempted to go into more detail, but I’m hoping that if you’re reading this and you haven’t seen it you will, and then we can come back later and be all “oh my goodness!” together! 

Definitely don’t poke around on the internet too much before you watch it because there’s one thing in the first episode that you don’t want to ruin for yourself.

We’re only 2 episodes deep which means you cannot binge watch this all day (which for me is a good thing). It’s good, y’all! Did I mention that already? Just watch the first episode and if you hate it you can tell me how wrong I was, but you so won’t hate it.

If you loved Parenthood this is a show for you, and if you never saw Parenthood…this is still a show for you.

You can catch up on Hulu or NBC’s website. “This is Us” airs on NBC on Tuesdays 9/8 central!

We’ll talk specifics later!

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