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No Lemonade Here–Move Along!



I am sitting here. I am surrounded by two children who keep asking me questions and wanting to touch me and fighting over the dumbest things. I’m trying so hard not to complain, but I cannot help it because I am a weak person and the air conditioner is off to save our electricity bill. I started eating better on Monday which means I’m cranky from the lack of chocolate and I just spent 3 angry nights because all I wanted was to be with my husband, but stupid Creighton says that I shouldn’t be “with” him if I’m ovulating unless I want to have a baby. (Apparently that’s how it works? Who knew?) I (obviously) cannot have a baby right now because I’m (obviously) a crazy person who has a short fuse.

Juliet (who is 16 months old) decided to wake up 5 times last night and I woke up exhausted and because of my exhaustion I decided to skip my pre-kid-wake-up morning ritual of prayer and coffee. I started off on the wrong foot, and so here I am, walking around on the wrong foot. Stomping the wrong foot. Kicking on the wrong foot.

I don’t know if I’m a cry baby or if I’m dramatic (yes) or if I just have a hard time making lemonade out of lemons, but, maaaaaan why does no one else complain about how hard life is. Just plain LIFE is hard sometimes, right? No? I’m alone? Anyone? Bueller?

Please explain to me why kids want to eat things constantly? Why do they waste the food you give them? Why do they refuse to nap? Why?

I know those answers, I’m just venting, duh. Thank you, God, for beer and new days and husbands who let you vent. And thank you especially for these crazy ass children. Amen.

PS- If you want to read something worth actually reading (maybe?) Read this.

2 thoughts on “No Lemonade Here–Move Along!”

  1. Diana, I just want you to know that your posts make my day when I’m stuck here at work. Love reading them. Make me miss ya’ll just a little bit less- meaning I can actually hear your voice saying all of these words and it makes me feel like I’m sitting across from you having this conversation. Love that you’re doing this!!!


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