How God Speaks

Every single night (without fail) our family gathers in Elaina & Dane’s shared room and we pray before bed. We say the exact same thing every single night. At this point, we all have it memorized and it goes like this: “Dear God, please protect our family. Watch over Mom, Dad, Elaina, Dane and Juliet. Thank you for all of Your blessings. Amen.” and then we say one or two “formal” prayers and end with each of our personal intentions.


Since school began, about two months ago, we have said only the “Angel of God” prayer as our formal prayer because it’s the prayer Elaina’s kindergarten class is going to be tested on. Last night, as we were praying the Angel of God prayer, an idea popped into my head. I wondered if the kids were starting to forget their other prayers because we had been focusing only on the “Angel of God” prayer. Just as we finished the “Angel of God” prayer Marvin led us in a Hail Mary.

I knew that was God saying “I am here.” An idea came to Marvin and I at the same time during prayer. That was it. That was how God spoke.

It may seem anti climactic, but that’s how I’ve found God usually speaks to me. He uses my thoughts, my imagination and my circumstances.

Before my conversion, it always creeped me out when people said God spoke to them. I think I imagined God floating down as mist and spelling out words on the wall or sending an angel or something, but now I’m realizing He speaks to us in much more subtle ways. So subtle you might even miss it if you’re not listening.

“In all wisdom and insight, He has made known to us the mystery of His will..” (From today’s first reading in Ephesians)


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