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Friday Freak Out: Poop Edition

A new (weekly) section of the blog where we chat like girlfriends (cause, duh, we are) about what I “freaked out” about this week.

  1. I had explosive diarrhea at the donut shop this week (TMI? Yeah, what else is new?) as Dane yelled “Mama, why you poo poo? Mama, why your poo poo STINKY?” loudly enough for everyone outside the bathroom to hear. I had to give myself a pep talk before walking out of the bathroom to face all those people. They knew.
  2. Bought tickets to the Garth Brooks concert (4 days before my due date because I’m in the habit of making well thought out decisions). Booked a hotel with a pool. Please, little baby, stay put until Mama can rock out to “Callin Baton Rouge.”
  3. We bought our third rent house! Marvin has been rocking the rent house thing. He’s been making an effort not to let anything stress him out and that’s helped me chill out a bit. I still have a lot of chilling to do. I’m a work in progress.
  4. Bought another planner. Love it. IMG_0636Got it here on etsy.
  5. Had to give Dane an enema. (He went one week without pooping–potty training life.) You haven’t lived until you’ve had to force water up another human being’s butthole. The things that came out of there (and the faces he made as they were escaping) have forever changed me.
  6. I realized that Insta Dri nail polish (aka the only mom-safe nail polish) looks like real-person nail polish if you use two coats and then finish it with a Insta Dri clear coat. Now, it’s not magic, you’ll still have to re-apply every few days (because dishes and baths and diapers and cooking) but that’s life, sister. IMG_0411
  7. I cancelled my appointment with the new counselor and saw my old, familiar spiritual director instead. She read this post and pretty much said “hey, let’s make an appointment to talk, soon, like in two days.” We met. We came to the conclusion that I am searching for something. What? We don’t know. We’re gonna dig deeper at my next appointment (and then my next, and then my next, because, let’s face it, I have a lot of work to do).
  8. I had an ultrasound. The baby’s head looked really, really big all things considered. We still do not know the sex and we still do not really have names knocked out. I still do not have anything ready.

Anyway, that’s it. We’ll catch up soon.



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