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Friday Freak Out: Pregnancy Edition

  1. I am currently sitting in no-name Baby #4s nursery. It’s a legitimate nursery. It has a crib and a changing table and a glider and curtains. Like, a baby can actually call this its room. I spent all week working on it and it’s beautiful and I pinterested none of it. I just had a vision. I went out and bought things I liked (and not what the internet likes or what’s “in”). I bought things and didn’t worry if they would go together or match or clash. And, y’all, I absolutely love it. Like, I just sit in here and smile. It’s simple and natural and clean and that’s my style, apparently. Now, if we’re talking necessities, we only have a grand total of 3 onesies and 3 pairs of socks for said baby, but who cares about things that actually MATTER when you have a space that makes you HAPPY? 

  2. Dane has been driving me absolutely crazy with his non-stop talking. He asks “why” roughly 300 times per day and gets mad when I don’t answer him right away. “Mama, TALKA TO ME!” I make myself remember where we started and I am grateful!
  3. I gave up guilt. Yup. No more mom guilt, woman guilt, wife guilt. No more guilt. I lined up a babysitter for my next two doctor’s appointments and I plan on leaving all of my kids at home with the babysitter and scheduling some self-care after my appointment is over. There is a new reflexology place I want to try out after one appointment and I made a chiropractor appointment (with this pregnancy chiropractor that you HAVE to try). I do not care that these things cost money. I do not care that it is technically my job to take care of my children when reasonably possible (hence SAHM). No cares. I fully believe that this no guilt thing I have going on is directly proportional to my mental sanity lately. You should try it, ladies.
  4. I am 34 weeks pregnant now. This is generally the point where I am miserable and cannot wait for the baby to come, but I am strangely content. This pregnancy could go past my due date and I think I’d be ok. Very unlike me. Which brings me to….
  5. I lost my mucus plug last night. I texted Marvin a picture of it (from the bathroom) because that’s who we are as a couple. I realize this is probably not normal. I love us.

Anyway, that’s what I’m freaking out about this week. We’ll catch up soon! (Also, as a sort of Flash Back Friday, if you haven’t read my birth stories, go back and do so! My personal favorite is the play by play of Juliet’s birth! I’m excited to see how my next birth story goes down!)

3 thoughts on “Friday Freak Out: Pregnancy Edition”

  1. You can never go wrong when you surround yourself with things you love.
    I’m overwhelmed with joy to hear that Dane is so chatty, it’s driving you crazy..
    Life is good, God is great and I love you.


  2. I love reading your blog! You’re always so honest and often times so funny! 😃 Glad to see you’re doing well!


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