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Friday Freak Out: Picture Edition

  1. I went to The Little Flower Shop to grab an end of the year gift for Dane’s SPED teacher and Speech Therapist. (Those women have been an incredible blessing this year and I wanted them to know how much we appreciate all they have done for him! Dane has made incredible progress this year: he went from being 2 years behind to only 6 months to 1 year behind! We can definitely tell a difference at home!) Anyway, after picking out the gifts I stumbled upon these beautiful teething toys and I freaked out! How perfect are these? Only $25! You can request customized colors. I’m waiting to find out if baby is a boy or girl before gifting myself with one! 

    And, look at these tinier options!IMG_2618

  2. I am 35 weeks pregnant and STILL feeling like a million bucks. No back pain. No “get this baby out” despair. No nothing. The only thing I can complain about is not sleeping well at night. Marvin dares to drift off into a deep slumber approximately 3 minutes after shutting his eyes while I flip and turn and huff and puff and contract and get up to pee (again). I saw this the other day and it made me laugh. IMG_0780         I had a doctor’s appointment today. We swabbed for Group B Strep and Dr. Brown checked me. My cervix is long and closed and firm-ish and posterior! So far so good on my plan to keep baby in until July. Here I am:IMG_1080
  3. We got a letter stating Dane was “waitlisted” for Pre-K. This threw me for a loop because Dane has an IEP for SPED and Speech. He is considered an “at risk” student and as such has a right to receive public school services. I did some mild freaking out and emailed and called like a mad woman. Finally someone said we received the letter in error and that we would be receiving a follow up letter next week sometime with more information about where exactly he would be going. Crisis averted: my mama bear claws almooooost came out! (If you are in Calc Parish and received the same letter -or if you received a letter about missing information- please make sure you look into it. It sounds like this year we may have our work cut out for us!)
  4. Elaina officially finished kindergarten this week. Her class sang a song about being “a promise and a possibility” and “learning to hear God’s voice” and then I cried big ole mama tears. And then they said “let’s have a hand for the Class of 2029” and then I cried some more because there is a NUMBER on when she will be done with school and that means it’s going to actually happen one day and who in the hell was prepared for that? No one! Here we are at her graduation:IMG_1040
  5. I am still nesting like a crazy woman and Marvin still has roughly a million projects to finish. Here are my latest additions. 

    Apparently I am feeling some turquoise at the moment.

  6. And, in conclusion, I found this on the internet and it is the truest thing ever written about parenting in the history of ever. This is all you need to know about the difference between moms and dads. Amen.IMG_0758Anyway, that’s all I’ve got! Catch up soon!

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