10 books every Catholic woman should read (includes links to 12 books to read when considering Catholicism & a comprehensive list for those wanting to get better at apologetics). Lists available at dianadivulges.com (an HONEST Catholic blog)
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The 10 Best Catholic Books for Learning About the Faith


Note: Pictures are links. Click the cover to shop the book.

I Believe in Love: Based on the teachings of St. Therese, this is a great book I’ve read about 20 times (seriously). I like to take my time and pray with the short passages. A great option for Catholic women who struggle with not feeling worthy of God’s love. This is easily my favorite book of all time.  If you haven’t read it, you need to! Like, right now. If you only listen to one thing I say, it should be this!

The Lamb’s Supper: An incredible book by Scott Hahn that every Catholic needs to read. Hahn outlines what is truly happening at mass (aka The Lamb’s Supper). Even the most mature Catholic will learn something new here. If you’ve never read anything by Hahn, you need to and this book is a great place to start. (I talk about this book here.)

Rome Sweet Home: This is an interesting, easy read about what Catholics believe and why. It’s a conversion story written by Hahn, a former Presbyterian preacher. This book was instrumental in my conversion.

Good News About Sex & Marriage: The book that helped me come to terms with the Catholic Church’s teachings on sex and contraception. It’s a great choice for men and (despite the title) even single persons. Easy to read and understand. Practical. (I talk about this book here.)

Baltimore Catechism: This is the Catechism I read (cover to cover) at the beginning of my conversion. Good choice for anyone with questions about the Catholic faith & for children.

Signs of Life: This book explains where Catholic customs (like holy water, infant baptism, sacred images, confession, the rosary, etc.) came from.

Reasons to Believe: This is one of the many books I read that led to my conversion. A good option for brainy believers (and even brainy non believers) who have a hard time reconciling faith and logic.

Searching for & Maintaining Peace: One of my favorite books. The entire thing is underline-worthy. Very easy read. Made up of small bite sized sections perfect for the person who cannot devote a whole lot of time to reading. Good option for devout Catholics. Highly recommend.

A Mother’s Rule of Life: I am only a few chapters in so the jury is still out. A sort of how-to book for mothers who want to bring peace to their home & to their soul. It’s the only book I haven’t entirely read. I included it here because I know many women who feel like their days are chaotic and this could be a good first step to get a handle on things. More info when I finish.

The Magnolia Story: I did not know who these people were when I bought this book (because apparently I live under a rock). It’s a sweet story and a fun read. A good option for anyone. I especially like this book for the younger, unmarried girls in your life. You won’t be disappointed if you go with this one.

Have a question about one of these books? Leave a comment. I’m happy to help! 

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