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Shiny Women & Pinterest Moms Don’t Owe You An Apology

I tore open the envelope and pulled out a birthday invitation. It was a beautiful invitation with a sweet one year old on the front. I shot my friend a text to let her know how absolutely precious I thought it was.

“Oh, it’s nothing, really. I’m just going all out this time because it’s her first birthday. All future birthdays will be plain and simple: just cake and balloons.” My heart sank. I hated that my friend, who knows I’m all about cheap WalMart invitations, felt like she had to tone down her fancy. Was she embarrassed of her shine?

You guys know I lurve authenticity. I love it when people show up messed up and own it. I’m all about letting the hott mess flag fly high, but have I been unfair? Was I shaming the shiny gals? There are some of you out there who LIKE to be shiny and you enjoy being a Pinterest mom. I know this because one of my best friends is a shiny woman—at least she probably seems like it to strangers.

My friend J is shiny as hell. She’s gorgeous, she has great fashion taste and she is a makeup whiz. She also happens to be the most down to earth person I’ve ever met. There are zero things wrong with the fact that she enjoys applying makeup and trying cool hairstyles, right? I know this, you know this, but was I writing like I knew this?

Was I getting things twisted? In my attempt to make the hott messes feel normal had I shamed the mess free people?

Crap, you guys! I think so!

Why do we make moms who ENJOY crafting and makeup and fashion feel bad? (Read more at

I messed up (my one mess up of 2017, obvs)! So, here I am, trying to correct my blunder: You do NOT have to apologize for your shine. You don’t have to explain why your kid’s birthday decorations look like they could be in a magazine or why you are wearing that super cute shirt!

You are allowed to do whatever it is that you enjoy even if it is “extra!” You do not have to tone your shine down for my sake (or for anyone else’s). Let your fancy show, Pinterest Mom!

I can appreciate your shine from over here in my sweatpants! Sure can! Why not? All that matters is that whatever you do, you do it for you! (Did anyone else sing Bryan Adams right fast? No?) As long as you do it for you, and not to make anyone else feel comfortable or reach some unattainable standard, you’re golden, kid!

You’re allowed to be a hott mess and you’re allowed to be a shiny woman and you’re allowed to be some hybrid of the two. Be exactly who God created you to be and don’t worry if it doesn’t match up with what other people have going on. Ignore those silly bloggers (ahem) who spend their precious time writing about what is and what is not relatable. Those people don’t know what they’re talking about anyway, trust.

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