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Family Pictures: We All Suffer

We took family pictures because it’s holiday time and that’s what people do during holiday time, right? We all collectively line children up in a field and yell at them to smile.

There are 6 people in my family, so there is not ever a time that every single person is both AWAKE and HAPPY (as evidenced by pictures I’ve posted here for your enjoyment).

Everyone goes through the chaos that is family pictures. Everyone. Every mom spends too much time finding outfits that look like they accidentally coordinate. Every husband doesn’t get why pictures are even a thing.

No matter what deal you find, what mini session you use, no matter how cheap it is, your husband will complain that it’s too expensive. It’s just how dudes cope with being in front of a camera: immediately shift the focus to money.

Kids will cry. Kids will sleep. Kids will stare off into space. Kids will make crazy faces. (See below.) Kids will forget what the word “smile” means. People will fight on the way to the picture and during the picture and mamas will wonder why we even try when it’s all said and done.

And, despite all of that, we still manage to get a few shiny pictures, right? There are pictures hanging in our living room that look like they were no big deal to capture.

You know, I know, we all know those frame worthy pictures didn’t just happen magically. They took blood, sweat, tears (literal tears) and maybe even a few Dad curse words mumbled under his annoyed breath.

Photographers are underpaid, I tell ya! I don’t care WHAT your husband says!

Thank you, Taylor, for passing along these real life photos! You can contact Taylor here.

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