Real Talk

How to Kick Self Conscious Feelings to the Curb AND Serve Your Neighbor AT THE SAME TIME!

I don’t love this picture of me. Immediately all the things I don’t like about myself jump out at me. It’s the EXACT same thing that happens when I go some place that brings out my inner 13 year old. Do you know what I’m talking about? Those places where you feel all the eyes staring at you (even if there are none). For me, that place WAS my daughter’s school.IMG_4720

I always felt CRAZY self conscious, like everyone was judging me. The truth is, no one probably even noticed me, but my anxiety ain’t got no time for truth. So, I spent all my time at that school trying to straighten myself up and smooth out the wrinkly corners that make me, ME! What a waste of time, right?

Truth bomb: self doubt keeps you from loving your neighbor. What do I mean? When you spend your time worrying about what people think of YOU, you have no time left over to serve PEOPLE and if I know anything about you, it’s that you WANT to serve, right? Well, good news one of the best ways for women to serve is INCLUSION. We go out into the world and look around and find the person who looks like they need a friend and then we BE THE FRIEND.

You begin the (probably awkward) conversation and you do not worry that anyone will think you’re weird because, guess what? That’s not what matters, anyway! So, the next time you’re at THAT place, get out of your own head and say hi (or for my introverted peeps, just flash a smile!) because that’s how you serve your neighbor!

Wanna hear something cool? A) You’ve served your neighbor B) You’re no longer worried about your inner 13 year old because you’ve given yourself a job and you’re too busy WORKING to care about how you feel and C) This is also the first step to village building. Look at you! Three birds, one stone! Heck yessss!

PPS- Where does YOUR inner 13 year old come out? I wanna know!

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