How to Take Ownership of Your Faith: Show up & Begin!

Hey, you! I KNOW you! You’re a believer, but you want to DO and BE better, amiright?You have a Christian foundation (thanks Mom & Dad!) that you never really did anything with. You never grabbed on to your faith and took ownership, but now you’re READY!

There’s only one problem: you’re bogged down in the details and you don’t know what you need to do or how to help your kids GET IT. (Heck, sometimes you wonder if YOU even get it.) I have good news and bad news. The bad news is: there is no magic formula. The good news is: THERE IS NO MAGIC FORMULA!

You just SHOW UP to meet Him and then you BEGIN. Trust me, you can totally do this! Beginning looks a lot like, “Hey God, I’m showing up. Now what?”

I promise you that God will answer you, but a lot of the time His answer sounds exactly like silence which can be confusing, right? Luckily, He usually follows up the silence with a gentle poke or He drops little crumbs for you to follow. ALL you have to do is keep your eyes peeled for the crumbs or the poke. This usually comes later. Sometimes it takes a few hours, sometimes days, sometimes weeks.

Photo: Danielle MacInnes

So, today’s homework: show up, BEGIN and then keep your eyes peeled for the crumbs or the poke! Tomorrow’s homework: do it all over again.

What’s ONE way you’re going to show up & begin up? I’m setting aside 30 minutes for a one-on-one adoration meeting! I want to hear your ideas! Sharing is caring.

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