I Have Some CRAZY NEWS! Guess What? I’m Famous!

Hey, how are you? Ok, enough about you. I have news. Here is how a cool person would share this news: “Hey, I wrote a piece for a website that you can find here.” Here’s how I’m going to share the news: Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Did you hear I’m famous?! Like, literally. Ok, listen to this: So, a couple of months ago a senior editor at Aleteia asked me to submit some pieces. She said she saw this blog and wasn’t 100% sure I would be a great fit but that I should try.

Obviously, I peed myself. So, I changed my underwear right fast and played around a bit on Aleteia’s website to get a feel for their voice. Immediately I knew it was out of my comfort zone. I have a very casual writing voice (you know this!) and their stuff sounded so…scholarly.

I told the editor that I didn’t think it would work out, I told her that I was a more casual writer who tends to insert herself into the story. She said THAT’S WHY I CONTACTED YOU-THAT’S WHAT WE WANT. (She did not yell it at me, I’m just yelling it at you because WHAT THE HECK IS LIFE?!)


So, I had an idea for a piece. I wrote the piece. I submitted the piece. THEY PUBLISHED THE PIECE, and then they PAID ME for writing this piece. Crazy. Someone paid me to write! Like, what? I know to a more seasoned writer this is silly, but to little ole me this is huge. So huge. I’m so happy and grateful and proud of myself! (Are we allowed to be proud of ourselves?)

Also, while we’re horn tooting, Scott Freaking Hahn sent me a friend request on Facebook and he ALSO said that my conversion story was (pause for dramatic effect) WELL WRITTEN. (This article has a nod to him and one of his books.) So, Scott Hahn said something Diana Vallette wrote was well written. Yeah. I knoooow! What is life?!

So, umm, if anyone wants to talk to me about balancing Mom life with celebrity life just call me up. I’m happy to give autographs or represent your charity or kiss your baby or whatever it is us distinguished writers do.

On a serious note, you can find the article that I wrote for an actual website that human beings read here. It’s called “Five Things To Try if You Find the Homily Boring.”

2 thoughts on “I Have Some CRAZY NEWS! Guess What? I’m Famous!”

    1. John! You can totally do it! Submit some of your work! They have two audience brackets a) current audience- well formed, very devout, daily mass and b) target audience- attend mass MOST Sundays (unless there happens to be a good game on).

      Let me know how it goes!

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