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If You See Something Beautiful in Someone, Speak It

A few weeks ago I got to sit down and write a good, old fashioned letter to a friend. I poured my soul out and told her EXACTLY how much I loved her. I told her what I appreciated about her, what I admired in her and what her friendship meant to me.

We don’t do that enough, ya know? We don’t really ever sit down and just speak love and light into each other’s lives. Why? Well, honestly, cause it’s a little bit awkward, right?

Image by Jenna Kutcher

Today, I challenge you to chill in the awkward: write an old fashioned letter, or, if you must, pick up the phone or send a text. Tell the people who add value to your life how you feel. Maybe they have no idea what their love and friendship has meant to you. Who knows, maybe they really need encouragement in this very moment. The people who “know how we feel” about them could stand to be reminded, so send a text, pick up the phone or (my favorite) write a good ole fashioned letter. Words matter. Speak love.

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