A Story About How God Touches Us

Here’s a story our priest told during his homily

“A young girl was having a really hard time. She no longer felt God in her life. Her grandmother was the spiritual leader of the family, so the girl visited her and complained, “Why doesn’t God let me feel His presence? If only I could FEEL Him and know that He has touched me.”

Her grandmother said, “Close your eyes right now and pray to God. Ask Him to put out His perfect and holy hand and touch you. Keep your eyes closed and pray fervently.”

The girl closed her eyes and prayed. Eventually, she felt a hand touch her hand. “He touched me!!!! He touched me,” she cried out with her eyes shut tight.

Then she said, “Wait, this hand feels like your hand, grandmother.” The grandmother said, “Of course it is my hand. That’s how God works. He takes the hand that is nearest and uses that.””

Go out there and be the hand.

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