Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy: Jesus, Family and Rest

In A Mother’s Rule of Life the author, Holly Pierlot, talks about being really intentional with her time on Sundays. Her Sundays are for: lots of rest, lots of family time and lots of Jesus. That’s it.

I love that. I’m always trying to find a healthy social media/real life balance. How much is too much phone time? It can be really easy for me to go overboard. I don’t know about you, but social media is my filler. It’s what I turn to when nothing else is going on. Except, there’s ALWAYS something else going on if you look hard enough. Like, the 7 year old reading to her siblings or an impromptu living room dance party.

As mothers, it’s hard to be intentional with our time when so much of it is sucked from us, right? People are always needing us and that can be annoying and exhausting, but, I promise you it’s magically LESS annoying if you put your phone down. So, today I’m going to take Holly’s advice, put the phone down and stick with lots of rest, lots of family time and lots of Jesus from now on.

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