Stop Caring About What People Think!

Do you ever replay conversations in your head over and over (and over)? Do you spend a crazy amount of time wondering if people like you, if you came off wrong or if you should send a text to “clear up” anything that was maybe not so clear? Sister, that’s your pride!!

Here’s the deal: we want people to like us because we care more about what they think that we do about what God thinks. Boom. Truth bomb dropped. (My friend Mindy dropped this one on me today and I cannot get over how freaking true –and freaking sad– this is!)

So, how do we stop caring what people think? We fake it till we make it! Check out my latest video below and let me know: what are the things you want people to say about you when you’re not around? And (here’s the important part) how can you stop reinforcing that idea and start focusing on how your Maker sees you?

2 thoughts on “Stop Caring About What People Think!”

  1. Oh my, yes, this is so me. I am always worried about other people and how they perceive me. The thought of someone thinking ill of me is crippling. I told my husband once that I am so afraid of doing something wrong that I do nothing at all.

    I’ve been researching and seeking Catholicism, and a big fear is what my anti-Catholic family thinks of me because of my research.


    1. I’m RIGHT THERE with ya!! Why do we care so much what people think and so little what God thinks?! I wish I couldn’t snap my fingers and stop worrying. If only it were that easy!


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