A 40-Day Easter Study to Honor Br. Anthony Freeman

The older I get, the more it absolutely blows me the heck away how fleeting life is. I know I’ve talked to you about this before (and it probably won’t be the last time). You guys, this is how the world works: one second everything is fine and people are alive and BAM the next everything is NOT fine and people are NOT alive. That’s how fast it happens: BAM! I just cannot wrap my head around it.

A few weeks ago I co-hosted a giveaway on Instagram with Br. Anthony Freeman. I have never met him in real life, but we had become sort-of virtual friends. He was a Louisiana-dude living in Rome studying to become a priest and He wrote this book called “One Step Closer” and said it was for people who felt like “a baby in the spiritual life,” but who wanted to go somewhere.

The moment I read that I KNEW “my people” (that’s you!) would love this book so I shot him a message and he emailed me a digital copy. I virtually thumbed through it and IMMEDIATELY I knew it was good stuff. That’s when we partnered for the giveaway.


Now, I’m pretty sure you get where this is going, right? Br. Anthony died on April 2. He passed away unexpectedly in his sleep the night after celebrating Easter mass with Pope Francis. He had just returned from an 8 day silent retreat (a retreat I was really excited to hear about!) He was only 30 years old.

Here’s what he said the day before he passed:


Now, to the good(ish?) news: To honor his memory I’m going to be hosting a daily online “study” of his book. I think this is something he would’ve loved–having all of us reading his book and striving to know Christ better.

If you want to join me, you can buy his book here OR just join me on Instagram live nightly as we dive in for the next 40 days during Easter. We’ll begin on Monday April 9 and end May 18.

This book is broken up into 40 easy-to-digest topics. If you’ve really been struggling with finding time to read (like I have lately), this book is the book for you. It’s a super-easy, quick read full of REAL LIFE Catholic tips—just the kind of thing we love!

I hope you’ll join me in praying WITH and for Anthony Freeman! 


Also, since we’re talking about death and since I’m supposed to be the most honesty honest person I’m going to ask you to pray for me. You guys know I don’t ever claim to have unwavering faith, but some seasons are harder than others.

One of the things I struggle with the MOST is the fear that this life is it–that it’s all we get. That after this there is only nothingness. I’ve been letting that fear creep in a little too much lately and have spent the last few nights before falling asleep begging God to let Heaven be real and asking Him to help me to know it’s real. So, if you have a spare second, hit up God on my behalf please. Ask our Lord to calm my anxiety and help me to be a more faithful believer.


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