Real Talk

I Don’t Have a Best Friend

By now you probably know that I’m big on truth telling even in (especially in) the scared. So, even though I’m worried that you’ll roll your eyes and think of me as some whiny 7th grader, I’m going to tell you the truth…… I struggle with friendship.

I am a 30 year old woman with 4 kids and I struggle with friendship.

One of the things that’s ALWAYS bothered me is the fact that I don’t have that “extra special number ONE” best friend. Now, please don’t go reading that the wrong way and feel sorry for me. I have MANY friends. I have a group of high school friends, my two best college friends and my village friends (because, it takes a village, get it?).

All in all, I’ve got friends. I’m super lucky to have every single one of them, but I’ve never had that ONE best friend that so many other women seem to have. I’ve never been (and will probably never be) a Maid of Honor or even a first phone call. I don’t have that ONE partner in crime.

I’ve never really said this out loud because who in the heck admits to something this dumb? There are worse things in the world, Diana. This is not an actual problem.

Nevertheless, this hurts me and I’ve always wished it could be different. Recently I was sitting and thinking—wondering why this thing bothers me so much and it hit me. It’s because I‘m comparing myself to others.

I look around at all of my friends and see them with their “bestest” friend and I wish I had that. I wish I had that PERSON, but I don’t. And, you know what else I realized? It’s only because I’m COMPARING that it hurts. I’m not actually lacking anything in my life, but, it looks like I am when I put my life up next to yours and compare the two.

I am SO lucky to have kick ass friends and when I really focus my energy on enjoying what I DO have (instead of checking out what everyone else has) I am happy, you guys, really happy!

So, this is your friendly reminder. I’m over here raising my hand and letting you know: a) if you don’t have that ONE ride or die, there’s nothing wrong with you! I don’t either and b) instead of sitting in the “all the crap I don’t have” place look at all the great crap (and people) you DO have!

If you have ONE human who loves you, you are lucky and it is enough. Remember that!

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