Marriage, Real Talk

Our 7th Anniversary Was Not What I Expected

“We “celebrated” seven years of marriage recently. And, by “celebrated” I mean my husband brought home grocery store sushi and Reese’s. We ate together while the kids yelled in the background and complained about how gross their dinner was.

And then we spent 30 minutes cutting out tiger pictures for our 1st grader’s school project. It was not glamorous or shiny. It looked NOTHING like the movie “The Notebook.” It was just us, with bags under our eyes, doing what we do, TOGETHER!

That’s what I’ve learned about marriage so far. It looks nothing like the movies most of the time. It looks like service and tired and “Please tell me today is a green day?” (spoiler alert: it wasn’t). It looks like “can you please hold the baby so I can pee?” It looks like back rubs and chats about the budget. And, sometimes it looks like hurt feelings and frustration.

When you get to this side of marriage (the real side) you get to the GOOD stuff. It’s time to find out what you’re made of. Things don’t come easily anymore. Now we have to fight for the connection that once happened so effortlessly!


I’m happy to say, despite all the REAL, that this guy is my best friend. Truly. I love him with my whole heart and I’m SO happy to say that I still even like him a whole lot. He is my FAVORITE person on the planet. (Sorry kids!) Maybe one day I WON’T like him anymore? I don’t know! I DO know that there’s no one else on this green Earth I’d rather argue with or wipe booties with and his hand will always be my FAVORITE hand to swat after an unwelcome booty squeeze.

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