Two Week Mini-Course: How to Read, Understand & LOVE the Bible

Update: The next course begins on Monday, June 4th and will cost $17

Do you read your bible daily? If you do (and you feel like it is a fruitful experience) go ahead and click the exit button! If you don’t…. pull up a chair, girl.

Here’s the deal: CathoIics are notoriously known as a group of Christians who don’t READ their bibles, right? Some people even think we don’t FOLLOW the bible. You and I know that’s not true, but, if you’re being really, really honest with yourself, is that first part true for you? Do you read the bible? If not, I think I know why.

We think we need a formal invitation or a permission slip to read the Bible. We’re picking it up less than the Protestant peeps because we’re scared of scripture. We feel unqualified and unworthy. Is that true for you? If so, name it, claim it and then CHANGE IT!

Guess what? The Word of God is for you. You are invited! Consider this your formal invitation. If you don’t understand what you’re reading or if you find the Bible boring or contradictory to Church teaching, the first step is always to say that crap out loud. You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge.

The best way to read, understand and LOVE the Bible is to believe that you have every single thing you need to do just that—because you do.


Does your bible look well-loved like this? If not, let’s change that!


Want to know what it looks like to read the Bible daily and actually getit? I assure you, you absolutely CAN! I’m teaching a Two Week Mini Course that begins on Monday, June 4th and will cost $17. Here is a FAQ list that should answer all of your questions about the course. Spots are limited (and I expect them to fill up very, very quickly)!

Why this course?
-I’ve developed a unique 5 step method that makes the book come alive. My method requires a mindset shift and I truly believe if more people knew about this they would feel competent and inspired by the Word of God!

What makes me qualified to teach this course?
-Big, fat nothing! Newsflash: I am not a theologian or a biblical scholar, but that’s ok since I will not be teaching you bible history or theology. I will be teaching you (a real, non-theologian human) to WANT to read the bible. Is that something you’re lacking right now? Let’s change that!

Why does this course cost $17?
-I want those of you who commit to this course to COMMIT and having a small investment helps to hold you accountable, right?! Also, if we’re being honest, I’m at a point where I need to be compensated for the time I spend away from my family working on things like this. I’ve put a lot of energy into this course and I believe it is worth significantly more than $17, but I am a sinny sinner and need to work hard on disciplining myself and my intentions so $17 is a small enough number that my focus stays on my actual intention and I don’t get wrapped up into the excitement that comes with making millions!

Where will we “meet” for this course? 
-a secret Facebook group (meaning no one other than the participants can see what is posted in the group and the group will not show up in searches)

What if I don’t have Facebook, but I want to participate?
-For this course to run smoothly, Facebook was the best choice. I plan on having a very hands-on teaching approach and Facebook is the best free tool to accomplish that level of interaction. You can create a Facebook profile for free. If you are absolutely opposed to creating a Facebook profile for the purposes of this course, I understand. This course might not be a good fit. I’ll keep you in mind for future resources if you’d like.

Is this a bible study?
-No. And yes. Mostly, this is a course in which I walk you through my tips and tricks for reading the bible in a way that you will find interesting and helps you to grow in holiness. There will be practical teaching moments AND bible study-ish moments.

What will this course look like?
-In the Facebook group I will post one PDF file for you to print out at the beginning of the course. You will work through this booklet throughout the 2 weeks. I will also give live training videos, daily homework and answer all of your questions.

If you sign up, how much time will this take?
-About thirty minutes a day (can be done at any time of the day).

Should I take this course if I read the bible daily and find it to be a very fruitful, fulfilling experience?
-Girl, no! You do you! You don’t need me!

What if I know literally nothing about the bible?
-Perfectly fine! You’re going to learn SO MUCH!

Will I have to participate in the group by posting?
-Nope! Not if you don’t want to, but I do think it’s VERY important that you ask every single question (no matter how silly you think it is) in order to get the full benefit of the course!

What exactly do we need for this course?
-At the bare minimum, an internet connection. I will discuss more specifics (what kind of bible, etc.) in the group.

When’s the deadline to signup?
-Because I will be on family retreat and unable to answer questions (and likely without internet access) the last day to pay is Saturday, May 26th

How do I sign up?
-Use the contact tab on this website or email dianadivulges at gmail dot com and I will send you information!

12 thoughts on “Two Week Mini-Course: How to Read, Understand & LOVE the Bible”

    1. The only thing aimiliar between this and CLJ is that the Bible is used in both. This is a course. So, for example, Lesson One is about the mindset shifts you need to make—people usually have some preconceived notions that keep them from being able to really DIVE into the Bible. Think of this as a class. Not a bible study. We will read scripture and have questions for reflection from time to time but it’s not a bible study.


  1. Will you offer this again in the future? I’ve just learned about this course and have missed the deadline. Hopefully so and hopefully soon! God bless.


    1. Hey! I don’t have any plans to do one as of now! Are you on Instagram? I am @dianadivulges and we do a mini gospel reading and reflection every morning on stories for free. That might be a good place to start! I also have some IGTV videos that might help you!


    1. Vicky, I don’t have anything scheduled right now. Are you on Instagram? I’m @dianadivulges on Instagram and every morning on insta stories we study a little piece of the daily gospel reading. I also have a few free lessons on bible reading on IGTV. Hope that helps!


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