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St. Faustina said the shortest road to holiness is “faithfulness to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.” We grow in holiness when we LISTEN TO and ACT ON God’s promptings. How can we hear God? How do we know it’s Him (and not just us)? What if “growing in holiness” sounds....boring. The image that comes… Continue reading BOOK STUDY!

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Spiritual Loneliness

I never felt cozy with the saints because I thought the saints were for expert level Catholics–people holier than me. I thought you first “mastered” Jesus and only then could you move on to God and then Holy Spirit and then Mary and then, after all of that, you were finally ready to get to… Continue reading Spiritual Loneliness

One EASY step to take everyday in order to grow in humility. Entire article available at (an HONEST catholic blog)
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One Easy Way to Grow in Humility: Why You Should Stop Apologizing

In mass one day, as I was praying about something completely unrelated, an idea popped into my head: I needed to write about the humility-- the gift-- of being disliked. I was stumped! What do you mean, Holy Spirit? How could being disliked be a gift? I didn't know. The opinions of others have always preoccupied… Continue reading One Easy Way to Grow in Humility: Why You Should Stop Apologizing

10 books every Catholic woman should read (includes links to 12 books to read when considering Catholicism & a comprehensive list for those wanting to get better at apologetics). Lists available at (an HONEST Catholic blog)
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The 10 Best Catholic Books for Learning About the Faith

Note: Pictures are links. Click the cover to shop the book. I Believe in Love: Based on the teachings of St. Therese, this is a great book I've read about 20 times (seriously). I like to take my time and pray with the short passages. A great option for Catholic women who struggle with not… Continue reading The 10 Best Catholic Books for Learning About the Faith

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From Atheist to Catholic: My Conversion

I grew up "Catholic." Catholic is in quotes because I'm not sure that the Church would agree that what I was doing (or, more accurately, what I was not doing) was Catholic at all. I received the sacraments and went to mass only because I attended a Catholic school where those things were part of our curriculum. I… Continue reading From Atheist to Catholic: My Conversion