How to handle it when your partner is a better parent than you are (and why that's not a bad thing). Article available at (a blog about REAL motherhood)
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My Husband is a Better Mom Than I Am

This morning when my oldest daughter woke up with a stomach ache I was not the one she turned to for comfort. And, I mean, I shouldn't really be surprised since my immediate reaction was to roll my eyes while my husband's was to say, "come lay down with Daddy and I'll rub your back."… Continue reading My Husband is a Better Mom Than I Am

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When Dads DO Parenting

It took me a while to trust Marvin to be a dad. I know that sounds kind of crappy. It sounds like Marvin needed my babysitting or hand holding when it comes to our kids. I don't mean it like that. I don't mean I didn't trust him to handle things properly. I mean that… Continue reading When Dads DO Parenting