Prayer is Noticing

I used to think "talking to and listening to God" was the only definition of prayer. It sounded simple enough and neat and tidy. It made the whole thing sound easy, which is why I felt such an enormous amount of guilt when it never felt easy for me. Prayer was something I never did… Continue reading Prayer is Noticing

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Christ Shines Best in the Mess

Have a seat while I tell you about my friend! Firstly, I’m not going to tell you her name because she is not a fan of being in the spotlight.  Actually, to be completely honest, I’m not sure if she is as anti-spotlight as I think she is. I’ve learned recently I tend to draw… Continue reading Christ Shines Best in the Mess

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Eating My Words….Again

When I find something I love or believe in I talk about it incessantly. That’s sort of my thing....talking about my current obsession (like here or here orrrrrr here). I go on and on sharing how this one thing I’m doing is life changing and you should TOTALY try the thing too. I’m the thing’s… Continue reading Eating My Words….Again


God Is Happy That I Suck!

I got some really crappy advice from a priest recently. Well, actually, let's back up. So, I had this little breakdown a few months ago (as I so frequently do) when I realized EVERY SINGLE ONE of my prayers (at their very core) could be boiled down to the same sentence: “Hey, God, I SUCK;… Continue reading God Is Happy That I Suck!

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I’m Pregnant (And I Don’t Want to Be)

Edit: I have a tendency, when some small inconvenience happens in my life, to act like it is the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone—-EVER. I pout and whine and complain about it. I'm extremely introspective (so much so that it can -and often does- become sinful navel-gazing). Even with the knowledge that… Continue reading I’m Pregnant (And I Don’t Want to Be)