Bullying My Catholic Husband Into a Vasectomy

I hate being pregnant with the fire of a thousand suns. I hate it the most that any human can hate anything. I get super depressed. Probably something to do with hormones. I am exhausted and I am fat and I’m just not someone who can be happy when they’re exhausted and fat.  I know… Continue reading Bullying My Catholic Husband Into a Vasectomy

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The Polite Lie That’s Holding You Back

"I'm pretty terrible. How are you?" That's been my response every time someone asks me how I'm doing for the past month. God bless people, you guys. They always ask you how you are when you're pregnant. (Especially if they've been pregnant before.) I know most people are under the impression you're supposed to answer… Continue reading The Polite Lie That’s Holding You Back

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I’m Pregnant (And I Don’t Want to Be)

Edit: I have a tendency, when some small inconvenience happens in my life, to act like it is the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone—-EVER. I pout and whine and complain about it. I'm extremely introspective (so much so that it can -and often does- become sinful navel-gazing). Even with the knowledge that… Continue reading I’m Pregnant (And I Don’t Want to Be)


It Took Me Four Times….

As I enter the 38th week of my fourth pregnancy, I realize that I'm just now actually getting that this whole pregnancy thing can be an enjoyable experience. I'm actually enjoying being this pregnant. I'm actually taking the time to lay in bed and feel this baby move and soak it all in. I don't… Continue reading It Took Me Four Times….

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Friday Freak Out: Picture Edition

I went to The Little Flower Shop to grab an end of the year gift for Dane's SPED teacher and Speech Therapist. (Those women have been an incredible blessing this year and I wanted them to know how much we appreciate all they have done for him! Dane has made incredible progress this year: he went… Continue reading Friday Freak Out: Picture Edition