So Ready

I'm now at the "I'm VERY ready" point of pregnancy.  Every morning when I wake up still pregnant it's like waking up and realizing Santa Claus hasn't passed.  It's a bummer.   I haven't gotten many "anything yet?" text messages from friends.  (I guess they read the blog after all?  Either that or they don't care.… Continue reading So Ready

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Unmarried and (gasp) Pregnant

Elaina was a surprise.  I think it's safe to say she is the best surprise Marvin or I ever received.  I won't go into the events that led up to the surprise pregnancy because that's a whole story in itself.  When I found out I was pregnant I was shocked!  I called Marvin at work. … Continue reading Unmarried and (gasp) Pregnant


Pity Party Central

Pregnancy, in general, is pretty amazing.  I mean, it's amazing if you stop and think that women are walking around growing humans and stuff.  When you're going through it, it's hard to remember (during the nausea, weight gain, acne and general aches and pain) how cool it is.  The end of pregnancy is specifically mind… Continue reading Pity Party Central

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"Dreading" a Baby?

In motherhood there are things that you don't really feel like you can say out loud.  There are feelings and thoughts and doubts you have that you feel guilty for even thinking and you know that if you say it out loud you will be judged.  Heck, you even judge yourself for even thinking said… Continue reading "Dreading" a Baby?


The Hippo Goes Shopping

I've gained 32 lbs thus far.  Dane weighs about 3 lbs right now.  Seems legit.   That's how much weight I gained with Elaina the ENTIRE PREGNANCY.  I just can't get over that number.  I still have (technically) 9 weeks left.  I've stopped weighing myself.  I only see my weight climb up thanks to the stupid… Continue reading The Hippo Goes Shopping