I usually suck at Lent. There. I said it. Here’s the “bad” Catholic truth: when I’m pregnant (or caring for a newborn or in a period of depression) the idea of Lent-ing up my life is just…..a lot. Pregnancy & newborn life is already hard enough and if I try adding a 40 day sacrifice on top of that I just spiral into self loathing.

Here’s what my self talk sounds like: “Why can’t I do anything right? Why is this so hard? How come everyone else is so much better at hard stuff than I am? Why am I asking all of these questions about MYSELF instead of focusing on JESUS?”

I spend 40 days not eating dessert, sure, but I also end up constantly screaming at my kids, hating myself & abandoning any daily prayer practice I once had. So, this year I’m taking small bites out of Lent.

I have a 40 day Lenten challenge for you to jump in on with me if YOU want to take small bites, too. Are you in a hard season? Do you always “mess up” Lent? Or, are you a total badass who wants something EXTRA on top of whatever you’re giving up? I’ve got you!

I’ll have daily bite size sacrifices, spiritual practices, videos, podcasts, articles & prayers. Let’s take ONE day at a time & focus on making that ONE day as fruitful & Christ centered as we can.




How it works:

  • Take a screenshot of the calendars so you have the daily “homework” handy on your phone.
  • Make sure you check out my instagram for daily videos that work with these challenges (especially the ones with the asterisks). This part is SUPER important. These calendars were not meant to stand alone. You can find me here.
  • That’s it!

March Resources:

  • March 9: Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • March 23: Podcast– Find “Ask Father Josh” podcast wherever you listen to podcasts & scroll through the episodes available. Pick one that addresses a topic you aren’t 100% clear on or want to learn more about & listen. You can listen on your iPhone here.
  • March 25: Read this very short article about the Annunciation & practice it. How? Spend today being keenly aware & open to how the Lord wants to use you.
  • March 26: Watch this Fr. Mike Schmitz video.
  • March 28: Find an answer for your question at Catholic Answers.

April Resources:

  • April 1: Use this examination of conscience (& consider making it to confession).
  • April 5: Pick a saint using this saint generator, learn about them & ask them for prayer.
  • April 13: Watch this video.

Additional Information & FAQ:

  • You can find the daily mass readings here.
  • What if the sacrifice of the day doesn’t work for you? (For example: let’s say today’s sacrifice is to only drink water -so, no carbonated drinks—but you already do that every day. No biggie! Just pick another one from the calendar.)
  • Ask any questions here and I’ll get back to you ASAP!