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Eating My Words….Again

When I find something I love or believe in I talk about it incessantly. That’s sort of my thing....talking about my current obsession (like here or here orrrrrr here). I go on and on sharing how this one thing I’m doing is life changing and you should TOTALY try the thing too. I’m the thing’s… Continue reading Eating My Words….Again


Maudry Porter

With five kids phone conversations are not easy. In fact, they’re almost impossible. Someone is always screaming in the background. Everyone is suddenly starving and needs a snack RIGHT. NOW. Over the years I’ve learned to postpone important conversations and reserve them for car rides (when all of the kids are strapped in and, thanks… Continue reading Maudry Porter

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The EASY Way for Busy Moms to Lose Weight

Ok, pull up a chair because it's confession time. I do this stupid thing when I'm trying to lose weight (or make better food choices): I self sabotage and instead of eating better I obsess about food and then binge. Do you ever do this? Nighttime comes and I am starving and dreaming about chocolate… Continue reading The EASY Way for Busy Moms to Lose Weight


God Is Happy That I Suck!

I got some really crappy advice from a priest recently. Well, actually, let's back up. So, I had this little breakdown a few months ago (as I so frequently do) when I realized EVERY SINGLE ONE of my prayers (at their very core) could be boiled down to the same sentence: “Hey, God, I SUCK;… Continue reading God Is Happy That I Suck!

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The Polite Lie That’s Holding You Back

"I'm pretty terrible. How are you?" That's been my response every time someone asks me how I'm doing for the past month. God bless people, you guys. They always ask you how you are when you're pregnant. (Especially if they've been pregnant before.) I know most people are under the impression you're supposed to answer… Continue reading The Polite Lie That’s Holding You Back