Sunday Gospel Reflection

In today’s gospel (Matthew 25: 14-30) Jesus tells the parable of the man who is going on a journey and leaves his treasure with his servants. With one he leaves 5 “talents” and with another 2 and with the last he leaves 1. Two of the servants go out into the world and use their… Continue reading Sunday Gospel Reflection


A Stranger Taught Me to Find God

There is this woman I do not know. She has young children and a husband and she is my age. And, she has cancer. She writes a blog, but not just any blog. A blog that is written FOR something. Not the kind that has links to shop or tutorials to watch. She has a… Continue reading A Stranger Taught Me to Find God

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From Atheist to Catholic: My Conversion

I grew up "Catholic." Catholic is in quotes because I'm not sure that the Church would agree that what I was doing (or, more accurately, what I was not doing) was Catholic at all. I received the sacraments and went to mass only because I attended a Catholic school where those things were part of our curriculum. I… Continue reading From Atheist to Catholic: My Conversion