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Our 7th Anniversary Was Not What I Expected

“We “celebrated” seven years of marriage recently. And, by “celebrated” I mean my husband brought home grocery store sushi and Reese’s. We ate together while the kids yelled in the background and complained about how gross their dinner was. And then we spent 30 minutes cutting out tiger pictures for our 1st grader’s school project.… Continue reading Our 7th Anniversary Was Not What I Expected


Your Shift-Working Husband Deserves Better

You guys, I KNOW you do a lot for your family. I know you scrub the toilet and replace the soap and I know it feels like no one notices (or appreciates it). But, today I’m not talking about that. Today I’m talking about our husbands and how undervalued, underrated and underappreciated THEY are. I… Continue reading Your Shift-Working Husband Deserves Better