About Diana Vallette

Hey, I’m Diana and I’m the gal who runs this joint.


(The picture on the left is the shiny me and the pic on the right is the real me.)

About six years ago I was a non-believer who thought Christians were either a) dumb as rocks or b) lying about believing. Since my conversion, I’ve often wondered why Christians seem so……“shiny?” Those shiny Christians say perfect, neat things like “God has a plan” or “I’ll pray for you.” And, even though He DOES totally have a plan (and I’ll take all the prayers I can get!) my walk has always been more complicated than that. 

How complicated? Often when I’m elbow deep in a sink full of dirty dishes the thought “what if there is only nothingness after this life, no heaven, no hell, just NOTHING” will hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve come to accept that I’ll probably always struggle against those sorts of thoughts. God and I have an agreement: we keep working anyway. 

I’m really big on truth telling, showing my mess and meeting people exactly where they are. I am the most extroverty extrovert that ever extroverted and I’m not great at thinking before I speak. (You can find me daily on instagram thinking out loud.)

I live with an immense amount of self doubt in almost every area of my life aside from writing. I really love red wine. I’m a (mediocre) mom with 5 kids (our oldest is 10 years old) and I  married up. (My husband is pictured below and he is easy going and introverted.)



One time Scott Hahn said my conversion story was (wait for it…..) “well written” and that compliment has been carrying me ever since. Here’s a list of some of my most recent pieces:

Aleteia: “Five Things to Try if you Find the Homily Boring” 

Our Sunday Visitor: “Where is God in the Middle of the Storm? Everywhere.”

OSV: “Back to School in a COVID World”

U.S. Catholic: “Rosaries and Atheism”

I hope you’ll take a second to say hi below because I legitimately want to talk to you!!

PS- I’m always down to chat on instagram! And, if you want to receive emails from me you can sign up here. (I  promise not to email you to death because I hate when people do that.)

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