A Stranger Taught Me to Find God

There is this woman I do not know. She has young children and a husband and she is my age. And, she has cancer. She writes a blog, but not just any blog. A blog that is written FOR something. Not the kind that has links to shop or tutorials to watch. She has a blog that leaves you with wet eyes wishing you could grab her and hold on tight. The kind of blog that has meat. A blog that means something.

Her heart shines through her writing and you can tell she loves God and her family fiercely. One of my favorite things about her is that she doesn’t wrap everything up in a bow, she is honest with the ugly stuff. Painfully honest. And, I want to be her friend.

We share a favorite writer (Glennon Doyle) and this woman pushes me through her writing to be a better, more present Mom—and that’s not even why she writes. She writes because she loves it. And writing is her gift. And her therapy.


This woman, this writer, mother, wife, friend, this PERSON, well, she died. Just like that. She was here before and now she’s not. I did not know her. I will not ever know her in this life, but her writing touched me.

I bet if she was here it would mean something to her that I read her words. Not because I’m anything special, but because that’s all writers want—to move people. We want people to read our work. That’s it.

So, today, I’m passing along her words so you can read them, too. They are beautiful and they are worth reading, I assure you. Beyond that, I bet if I could talk to her right this second she would ask me to pray for her husband and her children, so I will.

I will think of her often, this woman I did not know,  I will think of her when I see God in nature and in my children because she was the one who reminded me to look there.


Veronica Waldrop’s blog can be found here.

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