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The EASY Way for Busy Moms to Lose Weight

Ok, pull up a chair because it’s confession time. I do this stupid thing when I’m trying to lose weight (or make better food choices): I self sabotage and instead of eating better I obsess about food and then binge.

Do you ever do this? Nighttime comes and I am starving and dreaming about chocolate and pasta and after an entire day of being “good” I end up binging on something carby and delish.

I’ve always known what I needed to do to lose I weight, but I had zero self control. I was hungry and I missed yummy food. That all changed when I tried FreshFuel. Listen guys, the creator of FreshFuel knows her stuff.

You can follow Meghan on Instagram here.

Her programs allow for FRUIT and CARBS. I know. It’s revolutionary stuff over there. She says God made grapes, and grapes have everything they need to break down the sugar they contain. She says natural sugar isn’t the enemy. I was like “Why does this make so much sense right now and how do you know all of the things?!”

Here’s the deal: her meals taste flippin’ delicious and they are easy to make! (Please take a moment of silence here for recipes that are actually EASY to make.) After just 5 days of her program I was down 5lbs. After 2 months I had lost 15 lbs, I had more energy and I was sleeping better–which I didn’t even know was possible).

I truly don’t understand how meals can be easy to make, delicious and cause weight to melt off of you, but it happened to me (and a lot of other gals, too).

My favorite part is not having to spend time worrying about cooking every night since she suggests you prepare all of the food for the week on Sunday. This means more time to chill with my family, write and continue to ignore the laundry pile that constantly lives in my house (cause, let’s not get crazy)!

Look, if you want something FOOL PROOF, guaranteed to help you look better and feel better this is it! Trust me! I get absolutely nothing from telling you about this. I’m just ALL ABOUT sharing the crap I love and I love the crap outta this!

You can check out FreshFuel here.

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